Why it’s Complicated!!

During our life struggle journey we are overwhelmingly introduced with innumerable personalities with different kind of aspects. Some of them seem to be special. But one of them ; we like to termed ‘ Now I have got the special one’ .With whom we want to continue our spike occupied ,knee-tight journey….it feels good…May be due to some hormonal changes ..😂😂…….

We shall be more blessed if the ALMIGHTY doesn’t mould us with such ‘nonsense’..chemical fluids that generate ‘A sip of joy’ which has very shorter period in its life span….

Wine is tasted more delicious when it gets older….but that beguiled relation gets sleazy day by day.

One day I want to share my voice ‘ Thank you for believing me when I had nothing ‘ But you really don’t want to come that moment.

It’s ok….I am ok with it…..just remember:




Well it’s pretty good actually to come across the serious post of celebrating The Teacher’s Day by fencing some unscrapoulous persons who simply don’t deserve to call as a Teacher . We are really so fascinated and spellbound by the organised event with lots of chocolates,cakes,ballons which itself rather posses its own hush ornate. During these developing phase it is indeed that India requires lots of Techies and Science Expert in those forthcoming years but unfortunately the amount of production of Engineers in those so called manufacturing Industries does not synchronise with the frequency of demand. As we belong to those worst so called manufacturing farms in where the end products do not undergo though the Quality Control check we are oftenly rejected as obsolete products that don’t fit into the industries. Before celebrating this day I have experienced some of very gruesome facts which has successfully been re-installed in me with some massive updates. I would like to share with you.

1.An old teacher (as claimed by himself) has successfully teach one of his female student how to share bed with him. As a result he would give her a job and couple of lucrative increment in her salary. His warm touch to the the every parts of her body makes her so exotic that she allows that so called Teacher to Gallop each and every drop of her creamy fluids that come throughout the various capillary outlets of her body. As a teacher he has successfully put one of his student to become a pimp. Congratulation!!!!!(😁)

2. To obtain a sound grade a student has compromised herself to wide her canal openings with that respective teacher to curiously have question paper before the examination. Alas!Teacher doesn’t refuse her appeal. ( How lucky he is!!!!😁 I wish I could be 😃)

3.Students have taken active part on that day (I saw in fb!!!!)to express their gratitude towards them.Now A student has confessed that he has a crushed on his teacher and that’s really very cute. During the conversation with her he sends a pornographic fantacy and instructs her ‘MAM IT’S REALLY SO COOL NAH!!!’

Ohhhooo I caught a cold!!!🤤🤤🤤 what a massive respect!!!

So these are some facts which have been vehemently deprived me. That doesn’t mean that I simplh don’t convey the deepest regards towards my TEACHER. There are innumerable persons I have come till now who have contribute their blessings and I am really so overwhelmed. Without them I am just a complete void. It is not my urge rather demand to them to keep blessings on me and do keep stand by me as long as I shall survive. I would like to mention their names

A. Sir Shri Pradip Kumar Chopra (Chairman PS GROUP LTD.)

B. Shri Saroj Rana ( HOD Mechanical Engineering)

C. Shri Rathindra nath Kundu

D. Sir Shri Avhijit Roy

E. Smt. Sucharita Bhattacharya (Tina Mam)

F. Shri Dipyendu Paul

I am totally blessed to have such great souls as my mentor,Teacher and Friend whos continuous effort has encouraged me all the time to mitigate all the obnoxious obstructions come across me and help me to live a hassle free life.

Hindu Festival-Day 4

Naturally idols are made of clay and bamboo structures but here she was not made like that.Yes, this unique approach had been taken place at Bangure Avenue,kolkata where the worship was made in front of living ldols,a human beings.

They were an example of enormous patients and enthusiasm which made them distinguished from others.They used to stay all 5 days of puja and made their limbs immovable throughout the rutiuals.

Local enthusiastic kids and teenagers took a part to accomplish the very task.People from different parts of the city came and gathered in an arranged manner to take part in this holy worship.

Living Idol

Hindu Festival- Maha Austami

It was third day which is known as ‘Maha Austami’.      At early morning wearing new outfits people used to cahnting  ‘Slokas’  and people perticipatd the main rutiuals which they believed that it would take away all negative energies and gave them faith and courage.

They didn’t take foods until the entire program had been wrapped up. They didn’t feel any weakness rather accomplished their tasks with more energy.After that at evening they set journey with their family, friends and relatives to grasp the beauty of various ‘Pandals‘ which were more colorful and blessed.

The evening was so colorful that the storage unit of my camera seemed not to be so sufficient.

Maha Austami-2016

My Trip to Jaipur, Rajasthan

It is known as “Amber Fort”- “Sish Mahal” located around 500m from the ground…In Ancient time it owned by Maharaja “Mann Singh” brother of Jodabai which is later owned by Akbar…

It stands on its own glory and spellbounds all the visitors who come to visit it..